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Chris Giunta

Chris Giunta

Digital Media Planner
TMP Chicago office

At the heart of TMP are the people. Employee reviews on Glassdoor routinely cite working with “smart people with a ton of experience” as a major pro of the job. In the “Tell Me About Yourself” series, we sit down with TMP employees from across the globe to learn more about who they are and what makes them tick. Get to know Chris Giunta, Digital Media Planner in the TMP Chicago office.

TMP: When did your TMP career begin?

CG: Digital Media Planner

TMP: What is your current role and responsibilities and what does your team/department do?

CG: My current role can be broken into 2 main responsibilities:

  1. I work internally with the Metrics and SEM/SEO analysts in order to manage, report and optimize my clients’ media performance.
  2. I work externally with clients and vendors to understand our clients’ needs and provide the best media recommendations.

TMP: What other roles have you had while at TMP?

CG: I was the Account Director on our Verizon account.

TMP: What advice would give to new employees?

CG: Ask questions; challenge yourself and others. Learn how the departments work together, stay up to date on industry news, have fun and wear sunscreen.

TMP: What’s one interesting fact about yourself that your co-workers do not know?

CG: I wake up at 6am on weekends to go to bars and watch soccer, OR depending on how much alcohol I’ve had, my skin turns various shades of red.

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