TalentBrew Self Service

TalentBrew Self Service

When can your career site help you with
individual turn-key needs?

Self Service for TalentBrew puts the power in a recruiter’s hands. With access to a template for events, recruiter profiles and articles right at their fingertips, they can quickly create the pages they need. All the pages they create will work within the overall look and feel of your TalentBrew Career Site. Plus, with the ability to create direct URLs, you can drive traffic directly to these pages and share them on social media. It all adds up to you being able to use your time and site more efficiently while still maintaining a seamless recruitment brand experience.

A Model that works for you.

With Self Service, your TalentBrew Career Site can adapt quickly to promote events, share content and connect with candidates. The page template available allows you to add job lists and job alert modules, videos and photos to the pages you create, giving them recruiting strength like the rest of your site. Each page you create will work within the overall look and feel of your TB Career Site. And it’s all done quickly. So you can focus on finding the right talent.

  • TalentBrew Self Service
    Editor, Publisher and Site Editor.
  • TalentBrew Self Service
    Branded templates.
  • TalentBrew Self Service
    Customize recruiter contact information per page.
  • TalentBrew Self Service
    Pages included in overall site analytics.
  • TalentBrew Self Service
    Includes job alerts and data capture modules.
  • TalentBrew Self Service
    TalentBrew career site editing.

Flexibility and control, now at your fingertips.

Having a template that’s ready to publish while still protecting your brand identity is the biggest benefit of Self Service for a TalentBrew Career Site. The page template allows you to build the pages you need when you need them. Ultimately, it means that you spend less time working with your site and more time letting your site work for you.

  • Easily adapt your self service strategies with page activity tracked through Metrics Gateway.
  • Access all candidate records in one place with data gathered from Self Service pages stored in CHQ.
  • Update your TalentBrew Career Site experience at your convenience as your needs and strategies change.
  • Expand the reach of every page with custom URLs that direct traffic to specific events and are easily shared on social media.
  • Save time and effort because once the work is done, the page can be leveraged throughout your TB Career Site.
  • Quickly and easily copy your most successful pages to tweak and reuse for new campaigns.
  • Maintain brand integrity with three user levels – Editors, Publishers and Site Editors. Editors create pages, Publishers make sure the page’s content fits with the brand, and Site Editors have the ability to make edits directly to your TalentBrew Career Site.

Put the power in the recruiter’s hands.

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