Recruitment Marketing

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How do you market a job?

Showcase your culture, your leadership, your development opportunities and pathing. And pair your jobs with relevant content that tells your story. Your TalentBrew Career Site is the nucleus of your engagement strategy – filled with insights that captivate and inspire candidates to act.

Why recruitment marketing?

Gone are the days of placing an ad in the Yellow Pages and waiting for jobseekers to call. According to a 2016 MRINetwork Recruiter & Employer Sentiment Study, 86 percent of recruiters and 62 percent of employers believe the labor market is candidate-driven rather than employer-driven. Once limited to a single channel, candidates now have the upper-hand when it comes to choosing their employer. More than ever, the need for a recruitment marketing strategy is vital to meeting your hiring needs.

How can recruitment marketing help you meet your goals?

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Streamlined Talent Acquisition

Want to simplify every aspect of your recruiting process? Our revolutionary TalentBrew Software Platform powers a wide range of efficient and effective solutions that produce cost-effective results. With TalentBrew at the center of your recruitment marketing strategy, you can showcase your culture, your leadership, your development opportunities and career pathing.

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Attraction and Engagement

To achieve your recruitment marketing goals, attracting the right talent is key. Using traditional and online creative, social media, and web development, you can surprise and delight candidates by telling a story that is uniquely yours. Once you have their attention, a continuation of your recruitment marketing strategy can keep them engaged. Modern jobseekers are voracious consumers of information. They expect their employer to be a thought leader, a subject matter expert, and a progressive industry voice. Recruitment marketing can help you build an effective content strategy to position you as a trusted voice among your audience.

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Brand Activation

You know your company is great but do jobseekers know that? A compelling employer brand activates your company’s presence in a global marketplace and builds the kind of equity that converts talent to applicants’ talent.

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Tracking and Optimization

How do you know if your efforts are paying off? Tracking metrics and in-depth analytics can tell a powerful story around your recruiting strategy, shining a light on optimization solutions and increasing your ROI.

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Knowledge Sharing

A successful recruitment marketing strategy is driven by continuous forward-thinking. Over time though, this becomes hard for one person to sustain. This is why your team and strategic partners make the difference between a mediocre campaign and a memorable one. To prepare your company for the future, you need access to client workshops, disruption events and ideation sessions to spur creative solutions that solve your unique challenges.

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Inspire candidates to engage, and apply by telling your brand story
in a unique and strategic way.

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