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A TMP Path: Will Jeffreys - TMPer since 2005

Path at a Glance for Will Artworker - Creative Artworker - Junior Digital Copywriter - Copywriter - Senior Copywriter - Creative Lead - Creative Director

It was always Will Jeffreys’ dream to become a professional writer. While a prolific writer outside of work, it was at TMP that he turned his passion into a profession.

His journey to becoming a Creative Director in the London office, has been an eye-opening, learning experience. Throughout it all, Will succeeded with a combination of listening, reading and discussing.

In 2005, Will began his TMP career as an Artworker. In this first role, Will set down a strong creative foundation that carried him into the Creative Artworker position. “Artworking taught me about process, attention to detail and how to use InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, plus a bit of coding.”

Will’s next move forward to Junior Copywriter was a big step in the direction of his dreams. Never one to rest on his laurels, Will made sure he soaked up as much knowledge and feedback as he could get while in the role. “I listened to everything the head of copy said about writing, and I read everything I could about advertising. I’d print my work off with amends to see where I went wrong and how it was corrected.”

With some guidance and internal mentoring, Will moved up to Copywriter, a role he counts as the most influential in his career. “Copywriting’s taught me about structure, form, tone of voice, strategy, UX, UI, advertising principles, psychology, behavioral economics - the list goes on.”

Everything he learned helped Will make the move to a Senior Copywriter and then a Creative Lead. “I've been lucky to work with some great Art Directors who showed me how to bring stories to life, what to question, how to critique a brief, and helped me improve how we deliver creative ideas.”

The best advice I have to give is to keep asking questions. It’s how you’ll learn and move forward. – Will Jeffreys, TMPer since 2005

Now Will faces new creative challenges as a Creative Director. “Being a Creative Director has been a massive learning curve - with mentoring and managing people and seeing even more of the strategic side of things. My day to day now partially covers sorting out creative problems and finding solutions. But I like helping, so I’m happy to take on the challenge.”

In each of his roles, Will has gotten the chance to work on rewarding projects that grew his experience and prepared him for the role of Creative Director. He also counts his colleagues and clients as a vital part of his growth.

“The whole London creative team has always been amazing. And, I've had the benefit of working with some truly brilliant human beings on the client side. People who really know advertising; the theory and the strategy - and are happy to talk about it with someone who wanted to learn.”

Will’s parting piece of advice? “Keep asking questions. It’s how you’ll learn and move forward.”

Now that you’ve read one story, are you ready to build on your own?

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