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A TMP Path: Sean Brittain - TMPer since 2011

Path at a Glance for Sean Digital Project Manager - Digital Producer - Digital Development Team Manager - Director, Digital Development - VP, Digital Delivery & Support -VP, Global Product Development & Support

Sean Brittain is not afraid to ask questions. It’s his curiosity, pragmatism and empathy that have led to a successful eight-year career at TMP. His path from Digital Project Manager to VP, Global Product Development & Support was not a linear one. Sean knows there’s not one way to advance at TMP.

“One of the great things about TMP is the latitude it affords for career advancement. I started as a DPM by being curious and asking questions. It has been pivotal to my advancement. In every role, I’ve always strived to understand how what I do ties back to and supports TMP's broader business objectives.”

In the DPM role, Sean learned the foundation of website building, something that would help him throughout his TMP career.

“The Digital Project Manager role taught me the most, and it was my first real exposure to all that goes into building a website. It provided a wealth of opportunities to learn about both digital development and project management methodologies.”

But even with the training and skills that Sean picked up, it was a large-scale, challenging client project that forced him to learn on the job and think fast.

“I’m most proud of the work we did for one of our clients, a multinational retailer. We redesigned their career site, TalentBrew and corresponding mobile. It was a large project with several moving pieces and served as a sort of digital project management boot camp. The client held us to a very high standard and oftentimes introduced new requirements. I had to learn how to pivot and adapt, and also to hone my negotiation and conflict-resolution skills.”

Advancing into his next role, VP, Digital Delivery & Support, Sean led a team of nearly 60 people, including Developers, Digital Project Managers and Product Support Specialists. He was able to apply all the lessons he learned to improve each team member’s workday.

Have an open dialogue with your manager about those interests. Don't ever feel like you can't voice an interest for a role that may be entirely outside of your current position. – Sean Brittain, TMPer since 2011

“In the VP, Digital Delivery & Support role, I had the ability to influence the quality of a workday for my team, and I took that seriously. Understanding that our jobs can be stressful, I worked to make sure members of my team felt supported, and I encouraged them to share ideas on how we could improve. I wanted them to know that they could always ask for help when they needed it.”

Now, as the VP, Global Product Development & Support, Sean oversees the overall performance of the product team to ensure that product roadmap efforts and deliverables align with the vision and priorities set by executive leadership.

“I’m making sure we’re delivering seamlessly to our clients, so we can maintain and improve TMP’s competitive edge in the marketplace.”

Throughout his career, Sean has benefited from managers that fostered open communication and productive 1:1 relationships with their employees. He encourages all those starting out in their career to speak up because there’s always someone who will listen.

“Be mindful of what interests you about your role, even if it’s something only peripherally related. Have an open dialogue with your manager about those interests. Don't ever feel like you can't voice an interest for a role that may be entirely outside of your current position.”

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