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A TMP Path: Rebecca Hammer - TMPer since 2007

Path at a Glance for Rebecca Designer - UI Developer - Senior UI Developer

Rebecca Hammer’s curiosity has never steered her wrong. Quite the opposite: her open-mindedness and pursuit of lifelong learning have expanded her career in ways she could never imagine when she started as a Designer in the Louisville office. Since then, she has gone on to become a successful Senior UI Developer.

Through motivation, determination and collaboration, Rebecca has risen in the ranks. But in order to keep growing, Rebecca knows her job is never done. “My personality is the type where I need to always be learning something new. The culture at TMP supports this. It’s so great to be able to walk down the hall and ask a group of people, ‘Have you ever run into this situation?’”

As much as Rebecca has benefitted from the team’s knowledge sharing, she knows it’s a two-way street. “The reoccurring influence that’s brought me to where I am today is my desire to help my co-workers and to keep learning.” This culture of support and forward thinking has helped Rebecca go from a Designer to a Senior UI Developer.

“My team is always sharing information through email chains. Somebody will find a cool way of doing this or a better way of doing that. I am constantly getting info from my colleagues. I feel like there’s so much more I still need to learn.”

Without competition or judgment, Rebecca has felt comfortable to admit when she doesn’t know something, which is a crucial element of growth.

“The best way I learn is by asking questions. I never feel embarrassed to go ask anybody something. Everyone is always willing to help, to look up an answer or walk through a problem with me.”

Be open to new experiences. You never know where your path could lead! – Rebecca Hammer, TMPer since 2007

In addition to her colleagues, Rebecca has been able to work on projects that have spurred new passions. Though each presents opportunities to learn, there was one project in particular that exposed Rebecca to a new facet of web development that she continues to explore today. “Working on a large healthcare client career site was a game changer for me because it showed me how important it is to keep accessibility in mind during development. Michael Spellacy, Director of User Interface Development, has been a great resource for learning more about web development and accessibility.”

In the end, it’s the people at TMP – the supportive, inspiring and innovative people you’ll find across the company – that have contributed to Rebecca’s career success. “I wouldn’t be in Development without every person that I work with in Louisville. They are the unsung heroes.”

Whether you’re just starting out at TMP or have been here a few years, Rebecca has a parting piece of advice for anyone seeking career growth: “Be open to new experiences. You never know where your path could lead!”

Now that you’ve read one story, are you ready to build on your own?

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