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A TMP Path: Patrick Welch - TMPer since 2014

Path at a Glance for Patrick SEO Analyst - Digital Metrics Strategist - Digital Strategist, Software

Throughout all of his positions and locations at TMP, there was one thing that held them all together for Patrick Welch. “What really helped move me from position to position was my love for working with data. Most of the client goals we are working toward can be better reached and strategized using data. Realizing this, plus my passion to understand digital trends, has helped me move between roles.”

Data, and bringing it to life, has always been a strength of Patrick’s. “I've been told that I bring a lot of energy, passion and (sometimes) clarity to concepts that can be difficult to understand.” But he began building on the skills he needed before working with TMP. “Before I came to TMP, I had sales and improv training, which I believe has helped me bring a bit more passion and directness to my presentation style.”

However, it’s the people of TMP that have made all the difference in his career path here. “I've had a lot of support from many great people throughout my TMP career. Chris Becker and John Elstad have always been around to answer my analytics and SEO questions, and have pushed me to look deeper into trends and what data can tell us. Different managers and mentors have pushed me to try new things and to realize that what you're doing is not always what you're meant to do, but is a step to get there. Other people are one of the most important factors in moving roles – asking people for help, asking how you can do something better and, of course, always learning from others.”

In his first role as an SEO Analyst, there was quite a lot for Patrick to learn. “The SEO Analyst was the most influential role for me, as it required you to complete specific tasks. More importantly, it allowed me access to a lot of data, which I was welcome to explore and learn from. This role was the first time I really tried teaching others about the digital realm as well. I created a "What is SEO?" YouTube video and set up the Google Analytics “how to” videos for client services. Creating these taught me that no matter what you know, there are others who would benefit from your knowledge.”

The next step of his career led Patrick to focus on spreading his knowledge in a more global way. “I have always had a dream to work abroad. I wasn’t sure about next steps, but I spoke with a few people who had moved to different offices. They pushed me to simply put my name out there as someone interested in taking a position abroad. Then, the London team reached out to the DS team in Chicago to see if anyone would be a good fit for their Digital Metrics Strategist position, and my supervisor put my name forward.” After a few Skype interviews and discussions about the role, Patrick was asked to start in a few months. “It was a very scary, exciting and life-changing experience, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

For each of my roles at TMP, it's not a question of which one has taught me the most, but what they have all independently taught me. – Patrick Welch, TMPer since 2014

The move from Chicago to London opened Patrick to a new role and to more of the global TMP offices. “Spearheaded from London, I worked with a team to help enhance the metrics methods in the UK and other European offices. I’ve been able to support and work with the Paris, Hamburg, Munich and Singapore offices, all of which I’ve visited in the past year. I got to see how others work in different cultures, and also got the chance to help others learn new ways of helping their clients through the use of data and analytics. TMP has allowed me to use my career to follow my passion of learning, seeing new cultures, and work in many different environments. All in all, my journey has been a wonderful learning experience!”

But no matter where he was, one thing stayed the same. From SEO Analyst, to Digital Metrics Strategist, to Digital Strategist in Software, Patrick kept gaining new knowledge every step of the way. “For each of my roles at TMP, it's not a question of which one has taught me the most, but what they have all independently taught me. From data analysis and website audits, to recommending media strategies, these roles have all helped me develop myself to be a digital consultant for my clients.”

With all that knowledge, he has some very simple but important advice for other TMPers. “When starting out, if you see an opportunity, take it! And make sure throughout your journey that you help as many people as you can. ‘What goes around comes around.’ Keep taking opportunities and helping others – and, most importantly, know that you can make your own path!”

Now that you’ve read one story, are you ready to build on your own?

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