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A TMP Path: Joe Ranum, TMPer since 2010

Path at a Glance for Joe SEM Analyst – Project Manager – Senior Account Director – Director, Client Strategy ¬–  VP, Technology & Advertising Solutions – VP, Talent Marketing Solutions Group

Joe’s personal winning formula for his career growth was a combination of curiosity, determination and ambition. And as someone who helped bring to life one of TMP’s great offerings – TalentBrew 360 – his path has made a clear impact on the business as well as his career. Another key part of his path? Understanding what we do. “What was vital to getting where I am today? Data, data, data. Knowing where it comes from, how it’s collected, how it’s structured, how we consume it, where it’s stored, understanding how it impacts our business and can be used to drive decisions and create value.”

Joe joined TMP as an SEM Analyst, but soon he moved on to project management. “I wanted to expand my scope to work on more strategic projects end-to-end. After that, I was looking for more responsibility while still leading projects end-to-end.” That ambition led him to move into an Account Director role. “My next trigger was looking for more leadership, and accountability for a book of business.” He found all that and more as a Director of Client Strategy.

This initial portion of his career taught Joe several skills he still uses today. “I would say going from a Project Manager to a role in Client Services taught me the most. I cultivated my soft skills – like listening, communication, and time management - learned the challenges of clients firsthand and figured out how to craft strategies to solve those challenges.” While he learned, Joe’s desire to be a leader and make a greater impact at TMP began to grow. “I kept thinking about data and how I could solve a client problem. Then I saw an opportunity for a new product and solution – TalentBrew 360. I began working on the solution, built a team, and business plan.” And as he did, he moved up in his career again to Vice President of Technology and Advertising Solutions.

“That was the role that was the most influential to me and I’m still proud of. I was able to lead a team to build a new product. Creating and developing is fun, a lot of fun in fact! It has a prosperous future and will become more and more integral to our core offering.” As TalentBrew 360 grew, Joe‘s career grew with it. After spending some time back on the product and delivery side of the business, Joe saw an opportunity to lead change on a large scale, and to evolve the direction of TMP’s service options.

Creating and developing is fun, a lot of fun in fact! – Joe Ranum, TMPer since 2010

This led him to his current position, the Vice President of Talent Marketing Solutions Group. “Now, I help TMP to drive innovations in the solutions we provide by connecting technology with our customer challenges.” Looking through his journey, some would wonder how he managed to advance so far. But Joe has a simple answer. “My direct managers and TMP leadership completely supported me. They were always challenging me and giving me the opportunities to try and test new things.”

While he strives to make TalentBrew a ubiquitous industry term, Joe has advice that can help others get a 360-degree view of their career. “Put yourself in the clients’ shoes, first understand the challenge, then build a solution rooted in data and positioned for the future. And establish measurable key performance indicators for everything.”

Now that you’ve read one story, are you ready to build on your own?

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