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A TMP Path: Ian Nadeau - TMPer since 2010

Path at a Glance for Ian Account Director - Digital Strategist - Regional Vice President, Boston

Ian Nadeau’s path at TMP has been all about following potential. Finding what’s next has not only helped his clients, it’s pushed his career forward in exciting ways. “My favorite industry word is ‘forward thinking.’ Many people associate this term with risk, but in reality it’s the most responsible. It means you know what you’re doing and can think on that next level. You’re anticipating where the industry is going and capitalizing on that early – before it’s seen as safe.”

Ian began as an Account Director in the Boston office. It’s a role he credits for teaching him the most about TMP’s business. “As an Account Director at TMP, you get to partner with each and every team within the company – and that’s a wonderful opportunity. Nowhere else in the Recruitment Marketing / Employer Branding industry do you see the intersection of Agency, Creative & Software like you do at TMP. Getting the chance to plot out and deploy the resources of our various teams makes this company second-to-none in terms of potential for both our people and their clients.”

It was in this position that he first had the chance to chase the possibilities brought about by TMP’s software. “Once I got to see the potential of the TalentBrew software suite, that was my major focus. I wanted to keep pushing the limits of what that platform could do in terms of building world class careers websites for Talent Acquisition Departments and in giving Recruiters amazing tools to connect with and convert candidates.” This drive to push things further was what lead Ian to become a Digital Strategist.

This new role was one that Ian credits as one of his most influential. “As a Digital Strategist, you are part of an international group of specialists focused on the same goal – pushing the envelope in terms of Recruitment Marketing / Employer Branding.”

Much like when he was an Account Director, as a Digital Stagiest Ian continued to pick up knowledge that informed all of his work. “One of the most vital things I learned was understanding client key performance indicators, or KPI’s. Each and every client has different success metrics. No matter what strategies or methodologies we deploy, our success will be based on those client-specific metrics.”

Another piece of Ian’s success was inspiration from his coworkers. “One of the things that played a key role in my career was advice from Chris Grasso, Vice President, Business Development. His relentless pursuit of excellence and always staying aware of the next opportunity proved the adage that ‘your best work is in front of you.’”

At TMP, you get to partner with each and every team within the company – and that’s a wonderful opportunity. – Ian Nadeau, TMPer since 2010

After he learned and he grew as a Digital Strategist, Ian found himself ready for the next challenge. “Having guided digital programs for both new and existing clients, the next plateau was building the teams that supported these creative, software, and media programs.” It led him to his current position as an RVP in Boston. “Now, one of my greatest contributions is based around positivity. Every problem has a solution – and, our people, process and technology allows us to solve those problems better than anyone else in the industry.”

Ian counts his current role as one where he has done his most important work. “The construction of the TMP Boston team is, without a doubt, the most amazing project I have been a part of. We have created a diverse group of individuals of different backgrounds, ages, and experience levels – all of whom are hungry to make their mark on this industry through intelligence, collaboration, and innovation.”

Consistently, Ian has credited including people, enhancing potential and focusing on innovation as keys to mastering his skills. These ideas also link back to the advice he would give others looking to set their own path at TMP. “My advice is ‘Always be better.’ Once you learn something, master it – then immediately start thinking about how you’ll improve on it tomorrow.”

Now that you’ve read one story, are you ready to build on your own?

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