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A TMP Path: Emmanuelle Loye - TMPer since 2010

Path at a Glance for Emmanuelle Account Director - Global Account Director - Client Strategist/Employer Brand Practice Lead - Country Manager, Singapore

Today, Emma Loye helps keep her team productive and moving forward as the Country Manager in Singapore. But her journey to this position is one that has spanned entire continents.

She first began her work with TMP as an Account Director in Paris, France. In that role, she began to think about how she could make a bigger impact. “I’d always wanted to work overseas, and after I got married I thought it would be a good time for my next big adventure. There was almost a year before I actually moved, so I had plenty of time to make a plan. I wanted to make a more strategic contribution to our clients and to TMP. Also, I was looking for international exposure and the chance to broaden my horizon while challenging my skills and knowledge.” That drive led her to move to Singapore and hold the various roles she’s had. “Originally I was thinking about moving to the US, but after speaking with other Country Managers and Michelle Abbey herself I decided to go to Singapore. We discussed the kind of contributions I could make to the office and Singapore was the kind of international experience I wanted, while still being able to make an impact. At the time, I had never traveled there, so it was still a total leap of faith for me.”

In a new country and with a new role – as a Global Account Director – Emma found herself learning a lot. “I had to confront my experience that I had gained in France and see how that translated with the new context of the Asian market.” As she learned to translate her skills and experiences, she transitioned into a Client Strategist/Employer Brand Practice Lead. “I was managing the account service team and was the senior account owner for four of our major clients. Also as part of the effort to move the office away from transactional work, I was the de facto leader for all the conversations regarding employer branding.”

With a new title and renewed support from the TMP team, she got to tackle some of her most memorable projects. “All of my EVP development projects in Asia have made me proud. Getting the clients’ trust to lead these projects and then landing them successfully meant a lot in terms of my employer branding skills and my ability to ultimately add value.”

Ask for what you want in your career. – Emmanuelle Loye, TMPer since 2010

Now, she works as the Country Manager for TMP Singapore, where her knowledge is still expanding. “This role is opening up so many perspectives for me. My strong preferences and nature are being revealed in ways I didn’t expect. From an overall professional development standpoint, my current role is helping me learn a lot, too. I am discovering the many other things related to managing an office. It goes well beyond just supporting clients with their Recruitment Marketing strategies.”

Her focus on growth and learning is part of how Emma has moved forward in her career. “I learned a lot on the job. Also, having discussions with my coworkers and getting guidance from my mentors have been vital to me. The network I’ve built and the connections I’ve made along the way have played a key role in each of my moves.” Emma mastered her skills through trial and error, and by being resourceful and hardworking. But the biggest factor in how she’s advanced has come from following her own advice. “I’d tell anyone at any stage of their path to ask for what you want in your career. You have the ability to speak up, and TMP will listen and help make things happen.”

Now that you’ve read one story, are you ready to build on your own?

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