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A TMP Path: Dana Fitzgerald - TMPer since 2008

Path at a Glance for Dana Account Services Project Manager - Marketing Coordinator - Sr. Global Marketing Manager - Director, Operations - VP, Creative Operations

Dana’s path hasn’t just taken her between different departments, but to different cities. It all began with a position in project management in Chicago. “My role as an Account Services PM really taught me a lot about our business. From Creative and Digital, to Media and SEM, I worked with almost every group at TMP. It gave me real insight into how all of our work comes together to accomplish our clients' recruitment goals.”

From day one, she took her own advice and learned as much as she could about how TMP works. “I looked into it all! (And I still do.) Any time there is an All Call, or a Product Training or a webinar, I sign up. Knowing what we are doing at TMP has helped me to have a better understanding of our business and what my role in it could be.”

Soon, she wanted a change, and a new city was calling. Dana decided to move from Chicago to New York, and found she could stay with TMP as a Marketing Coordinator. The switch all came down to one manager believing in her. “Alec Drummond took a chance on hiring an unknown PM from Chicago to come to NY to work with him in Marketing. Without that job, I would have never gotten to where I am today. No question.”

That part of Dana’s story is how we work. TMP is always looking to help people get to where they want to be and to help them be successful, whether it’s in the same group or more of a lateral move to a new department. With this new start, Dana continued to not only move forward in her career, but also met people who inspired her. “My role in the Marketing Department exposed me to many of our senior-level executives. Being able to see firsthand how they approached their work and how they conducted themselves as professionals was a very important factor in influencing how I wanted to conduct myself as a professional.”

After a short stint as the Senior Global Marketing Manager, Dana quickly transitioned to Director of Operations. “I had inquired about a position in Creative Operations, but at that time an opening didn’t exist. A few months later, someone in operations quit, and it was remembered that I had inquired about moving to Creative. So I was asked to apply. The rest is history. Director of Operations was my absolute favorite job. Dana also helped accomplish a business milestone while in this role – something she is proud of and that made a direct impact on the work TMP does. “I’m so proud of helping to transition from C&P to Workbook. We did it almost seamlessly overnight on the first day of 2016. My role was minor when compared to some, but seeing this massive undertaking go through without a hitch and being able to go to business as usual the next day was really exciting. No data was lost, and we were still able to bill our clients and track our progress on jobs with ease.”

Soak in as much as you can and ask questions. You will never know where you may end up. – Dana Fitzgerald, TMPer since 2008

In her current role as Vice President of Creative Operations, Dana still makes an impact, both in her career and for her team. “I listen to people’s challenges and problems, validate their feelings, and then help them to find a productive solution. I am happy to be one of the people that others come to for advice.”

Inquisitiveness, organization and listening are how Dana would describe how she’s mastered her skills along the way, and she’s still using all three today in her current role. Her advice for others? “Soak in as much as you can and ask questions. You will never know where you may end up. Also, maybe you have been here for a little while and you’re thinking, ‘Maybe this job isn’t for me’ – but this company is. Where do you want to go next? Make it known today. Keep asking questions, and keep on top of all of the changes happening in our industry. Your next job may not even have been invented yet!”

Now that you’ve read one story, are you ready to build on your own?

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