Employee Spotlight Questions

Mack Scheurell Vice President, Software Client Strategy

When did you start working for TMP?

July 2016

What is your current role and responsibilities?

I am a VP of Software Client Strategy. I help manage the Strategic Software team and work with clients to provide strategic direction and build their recruitment strategies.

What does your department do?

The Software team manages many of TMP’s TalentBrew accounts, but we also manage media and content for them as well. We run “lean” compared to the regular Client Service teams, working closely together to understand our clients’ needs while building strategies to meet their KPIs and to grow the accounts. We also specialize in optimizing the TalentBrew Product Suite for our clients and are an extension of the Digital Strategy team.

What other roles have you had while at TMP?

Strategic Software Account Manager and Software Client Strategy Director.

What do you think is the best part about working at TMP?

The ability to learn and create your own path, while working with some great people along the way.

What’s one interesting fact about yourself that your coworkers don’t know?

I was adopted from Taegu, South Korea.

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