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What if your colleagues inspired you to go further?

When you like the people you work with, coming into work is that much easier. At TMP, we support, inspire and push each other to do our best work and, from this, we’ve built lasting friendships that extend beyond 9-5.

Our People

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  • "As someone who has had three new titles created in the past four years, if you're willing to roll up your sleeves, anything is possible!"

    Adam Bednar Content Solutions Operations Manager
    TMP Chicago Office

  • "TMP is a place where everyone wants to grow and learn, and our education actually influences our offerings in a big and progressive way."

    Casey Brusch Digital Strategist
    TMP San Francisco Office

  • "I appreciate that I work with conscientious people who genuinely care about doing their job the right way."

    Dustin Carper VP Client Strategy
    TMP Chicago Office

  • "I have an incredible opportunity to flex my creative muscles and challenge myself. Plus, I get the satisfaction of knowing my hard work is seen by candidates across the globe."

    Anna Copper Content Marketer
    TMP Chicago Office

  • "I really enjoy the diversity of the teams that you get to work with. It is a great opportunity to get the whole picture of recruitment, not just the metrics side."

    Helena Dotson Metrics Analyst
    TMP Chicago Office

  • "I've formed some really great, unique and lasting friendships while I have been here, and they honestly make every day here more fun."

    Charlotte MacKinnon Metrics Analyst
    TMP Chicago Office

  • "I'm always in awe with the level of thinking that happens here and the incredibly humble humans powering it."

    Tammy Mao Digital Strategist
    TMP New York Office

  • "Work/life balance is valued here and TMP provides flexibility as long as quality work is delivered on time."

    Melinda Markley Digital Media Planner
    TMP Chicago Office

  • "Our team is small, so I've gained exposure to a variety of functions. Everybody pitches in and contributes to the success of the campaign."

    Archana Muralidhar Director Client Strategy
    TMP India Office

  • "I've had the opportunity to work with diverse individuals from TMP offices across the country, in multiple departments and from various backgrounds, culturally and professionally."

    Gina Ottolino Campaign Manager, Programmatic Media
    TMP Chicago Office

  • "The people I work with on a day-to-day basis really make this job. We do good work and have a good time doing it. Oh, and the views are great too."

    Matt Rodgers Digital Media Planner
    TMP Chicago Office

  • "I am involved in the recruitment strategy from conception to completion, and have the responsibility to make decisions that will influence the client's business."

    Shara Soo Director of Client Strategy
    TMP Chicago Office

  • "Coming into the office every day is like coming to hang out with some of your best friends. I haven't experienced this type of camaraderie anywhere I've worked."

    Brandon Summey Analyst
    TMP Chicago Office

  • "There's such a family atmosphere with the feeling of "we're all in this together." We're in an office of 160+ but I have had a chance to work with just about all of them at some point and it's great to see so many people doing so many different things, all for the same outcome."

    Daniel Thompson Content Strategist
    TMP Chicago Office

  • "There is never a dull moment; I'm given the capacity to really think about what the problem is and how we can solve it."

    Patrick Welch Digital Strategist and Analyst
    TMP London Office

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