Transcript - The #FutureofWork SxSW 2016

The #FutureofWork SxSW 2016 (Transcript)

Hi, this Craig Knutson from TMP Labs. Helping you keep tabs on all the recruitment technologies from South By Southwest 2016.

Virtual reality was very prominent at South By Southwest this year. Less in the panels or discussions and more in the trade show and innovative experiences that brands use to display their products and services. Samsung took their Gear VR to the streets to show how mobile and accessible virtual reality really has become. By tweeting to the hashtag VRonDemand, a Samsung representative will bring the experience directly to your location.

With this emerging technology, companies using it have a unique and interactive way to showcase their culture, and connect with candidates in a way like never before, such as location tours, staff introduction, skills training, and much much more.

Wearables and the internet of things are always the hot topic at South by Southwest. This year the trend being more focused on easy access to actions versus the typical tracking health habits. More specifically addressing speech and sound recognition to take pictures or to trigger a search query, as found in the Sony hands free head comb prototype, Project N, a device that wraps around the user's neck and responds to programmed commands similar to the Amazon Echo or Apple Siri.

Also showcased this year was Thync, a device that attaches to your head and neck and sends signals to your brain's adrenaline system. By using the connected app, users are able to energize or relax. You have a deadline to meet, this app will help motivate you to get started, enhance your focus, and relax you after you've had a stressful day.

As the artificial intelligence of these devices evolves, so will future work spaces, tools and interactions, allowing candidates and employees to virtually talk to the internet, to do research, command tasks, communicate and search for things like jobs.

An addition, the company behind Siri is taking AI and machine learning even further, creating what they call VIV. A global brain that not only communicates with devices, but learns from them and knows everything in the world around it, including each user. [inaudible 00:02:15] developers to plug into and create and intelligent conversational interface with any object. So you don't like your job, it would know your location, your skills, your experience, your preferences, and much much more. It would be able to suggest jobs you possibly haven't even considered yet. Where intelligence becomes a utility, much like your water, gas, or electricity, and everybody has access.

Traitify is a visual personality assessment tool that uses a candidate's or employee's response of me or not me to a series of images to paint a visual picture of the personalities within a company, allowing you to filter your data and find commonalities on your top performers, see what personality types are missing, and compare the potential new hires. Used on external candidates or internal teams, Traitify helps you find that perfect fit for your team, reduces turnover, and helps shine a light on your company's culture and diversity.

Building on the growing trend of users being able to view more information about the people they follow, tap that app was launched at South by Southwest this year. An application currently available for android devices that allows users to see what apps are currently on the phone of people they follow, creating great opportunities for learning and personal development based on exposure to content, trends, and information from the people they already admire.

There are hosts of other notable services found at South by Southwest this year, including, a service that provides personalized video embedded into email. which is location based augmented reality marketing., which is portable on site interactivity tool that enhances learning in meetings through quizzes, surveys, brainstorms and live messaging, and then there's waffle from Samsung labs, a social media platform that enables collaboration and content creation.

For more information about these or any other recruitment technologies, please contact TMP today. I'm Craig from TMP Labs, helping you keep tabs on the latest recruitment technologies. Thank you and have a great day.

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