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Employee Challenge:

Use Emoji to Tell Your TMP Story

We use emoji to communicate everything, from our hopes and fears to our frustrations and weekend plans. And at TMP we believe job descriptions are the next frontier for emoji. We challenged several department leaders to describe their role at TMP using emoji as a visual aid. Do you have an out of the open box approach to recruitment marketing? We’re always looking for bright, creative minds to join our team. Check out our open positions.

John Elstad, SEO Director

John Elstad Emoji Job Description

“I help connect job seekers with open jobs around the world through the awesome power of organic search engines. Through constant tweaks, measurement, and data analysis, we work to move up the rankings and get jobs in front of the right people searching for them. It’s almost as rewarding as connecting puppies with their new family. Almost.”

Josh Phillips, SEM Team Lead

Josh Phillips Emoji Job Description

“As an SEM analyst I am responsible for maintaining and optimizing the PPC campaigns for our clients. What that boils down to is keeping a set of eyes on their campaigns at all times, while keeping my ears open for any specific client needs. I also make sure the client is cool and collected by helping them understand their campaign status and smoothing out any issues. My team collaborates with a lot of others, so things are always cookin’.”

Sehare Hemani, Content Marketing Manager

Sehare Hemani Emoji Job Description

“Working in the Content Marketing space is a lot like playing golf. It’s less about power and more about finesse. I find innovative ways to make my clients part of a larger conversation to position them as thought leaders and the Mona Lisa of their industry.”

Chris Grasso, Vice President, Business Development

Chris Grasso Emoji Job Description

“I evangelize the TMP story each day and I make it rain. My role involves listening to client needs, goals, priorities and challenges. Using the art of storytelling, I work to develop both a short and long term strategic solution. New Business is the heartbeat of TMP and we put our heart and soul into winning business.”

Ali Kelley, Content Marketing Specialist

Ali Kelley Emoji Job Description

“When I tell people I work at an agency they think it’s like Mad Men. I tell them yeah, we pitch big ideas but there's less smoking. In my role as a Content Marketing Specialist, I track trends in the digital recruitment space and present predictions to clients on where their content will take flight."

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