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Thought Leader Series presents:

Nathan Perrott
Director of Technology and Candidate Solutions, AIA Worldwide

TMPers are more than employees. We are consultants and thought leaders. Meshworking, TMP’s company blog, is where we showcase our expertise, talk shop, and discuss industry trends and predictions for the future of recruitment marketing. Below is a blog excerpt Nathan Perrott, Director of Technology and Candidate Solutions, AIA Worldwide. Here, Nathan shares his top 8 predictions for the future of digital recruitment marketing.

Digital Recruitment Marketing Predictions for 2016
  1. A continued drive towards digital and social omnipresence
  2. Mobile apply as a necessity, not a luxury
  3. Programmatic advertising will become the biggest part of recruitment marketing ad spend
  4. Content marketing will become a core part of direct sourcing
  5. Native advertising will be utilized more by employees and accepted more by users
  6. Software as a service will have to be relied on more and more
  7. Data, data, data
  8. Machine learning websites

Read the rest of Nathan’s three-part series here. Interested in providing recruitment- marketing solutions to clients? Join TMP’s digital strategy team; check out our open positions and apply today!

AIA Worldwide Director of Technology Nathan Perrott

As Director of Technology and Candidate Solutions at AIA Worldwide, Nathan helps organizations optimize their employer marketing strategies by leveraging digital marketing, technology, creativity and data. Nathan has played pivotal roles in developing content marketing and social media strategies for large multinational corporations, as well as being a driving force behind a number of careers website projects and hiring strategies powered by TalentBrew. You can follow Nathan on twitter @Nathan_Perrott or drop him an email at

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