API Use Policy: Job Feeds

TMP’s TalentBrew platform has been built to make it possible for our developers to create seamless delivery of job data from Client’s Applicant Tracking System (“ATS”) to Client’s TalentBrew Site via the ATS’s own application programming interfaces (“API’s”). This procedure creates a dependable method for TMP to ensure that Client’s TalentBrew Site collects Client’s open job data in a timely and accurate manner.

TMP has adopted the following “API Use Policy,” which governs TMP’s access to and use of API’s, as well as the data retrieved thereby.

API Access Authorization

  1. Client shall provide TMP specific access credentials, such as an authorized user name and password, to enable TMP to access Client’s ATS. Client’s provision of such credentials constitutes a representation of Client that TMP’s access does not violate Client’s agreement with its ATS.
  2. TMP will provide Client with documentation that provides instructions on what is required.

Use of APIs/Excluded Data

  1. TMP shall use software it has developed to automate its access to Client’s ATS to periodically call for delivery or download of requested job information. Such software is proprietary to TMP. If provided to Client for installation on Client’s system, such software shall be deemed licensed for the term of Client’s TalentBrew Subscription Agreement or other applicable agreement and shall be deleted or destroyed upon termination thereof.
  2. While TMP’s goal is to collect job data that will be integrated into Client’s TalentBrew site, there may be instances when the APIs from Client’s ATS provider will permit more access than is necessary to complete this task. TMP shall not access non-job feed areas of the API service, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and/or Candidate level data, unless explicitly agreed upon in writing between Client and TMP.

Integration Security & Monitoring

  1. TMP assumes Client’s technology environment is properly configured and secured. This includes Client’s ATS, as well as its operating system, software and databases, as applicable. Failure of Client or its agents, including its ATS provider, to properly configure and secure its technology environment may result in errors, delays or disclosure of data for which TMP may not be held responsible.


  1. TMP will support the API integration and may make modifications as necessary to ensure proper functioning of the integration.
  2. TMP may need, from time to time, to make adjustments and/or modifications to the integration due to ATS system changes or other specific requests received.
  3. All inquiries shall be directed to tbsupport@tmp.com.
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