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The Edge
The Edge
From the Desktop
David Spector David Spector
Global Head
of Mobile

This Month, David offers tips for mobile success.

Everyone is talking about mobile. It's a wonderful thing; unlike with social media in the past, clients don't need convincing in the same way when it comes to mobile. They all have at least one mobile device that they use just like everyone else – constantly! Therefore, it is not a question of 'if' but rather 'how' to approach a mobile communications strategy.

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Tammy Bustin-DuPont Tammy Bustin-DuPont,
RVP Global, APAC

How GREEN is Your Brand?

How many of you have seen this symbol in an email signature? Over the past few years this symbol has taken on a viral effect and today is often seen in corporate email signatures. It's a sign of the times. In a simple way, this symbol shares the concept of saving the planet through lower consumption and this is just one of many examples we can identify with. Terms such as 'eco-friendly', 'green' and 'carbon footprint' have all emerged as prominent expressions commonly used recently in business terminology.

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TMP Government

Restore the Federal Brand in 2012?

Part One: Building your "rocket to the moon" memory structure

The January issue of Government Executive magazine, the number one publication for Federal managers, leads off with "Restoring the Brand: Defending government in an anti-government age." Charles Clarkson's article addresses the growing concern that negativity will dampen interest in working for government and focuses on recent non-profit advertising campaigns, aimed at showing the value of Federal employees. But it also briefly mentions some positive examples.

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Kathy Shaw Kathy Shaw,
Vice President,
Client Strategy

The Healthcare Corner Office

There is so much to be learned from our fellow HR professionals. This month, I decided to interview an amazing Human Resources Director, Wendy Edelson RN, MA from Meridian Health in southern New Jersey. After 40+ years of working in the Healthcare industry, Wendy has decided to (semi) retire this month. Meridian Health has more than 12,000 team members and has achieved Magnet designation, Fortune 100 status and "Best Places to Work in NJ" distinction.

I'm glad I had the opportunity to catch up with her on a sunny day in December to discuss the evolution of her career and her perspective on today's healthcare recruitment arena.

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Industry Update
Telecom Industry Update

Jennifer Hatch
Senior Project Manager

How's the telecom job market?
Despite an increasing demand for telecommunications services, technological advances mean telecom companies need fewer workers. However, job opportunities will arise from the need to replace a significant number of workers who are expected to retire.

As telecom workers either leave the labor force altogether or transfer to other industries, overall prospects will be great for:

• Installation technicians
• Maintenance technicians
• Repair workers
• Customer service representatives

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