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September 7th
ERE Fall Expo/Creative Excellence Awards, Hollywood, FL. Contact:

September 10th
ASHHRA 47th Annual Conference & Expo, Phoenix, AZ. Contact:

September 11th
Taleo World 2011, San Francisco, CA. Contact:

September 14th
SHSMD Connections 2011, Phoenix, AZ. Contact:

September 22nd
IN/KY Association of Healthcare Recruiters Annual Meeting – Facing the Recruitment Challenge, Falls of Rough, KY. Contact:

September 26th
HCI 2011 Government Talent Summit, Reston, VA. Contact:

September 27th
Monster Virtual Healthcare Event Contact:

September 30th
mRecrutingcamp: The Mobile Recruiting Conference, San Francisco, CA. Contact:

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From the Desktop
Jared Pritz Jared Pritz
Senior Consultant, Brand Strategy
This month, Jared discusses leveraging your EVP.

I often marvel at how easily some of our most recent decades can be summed-up through a simple word or phrase. Whether global event, Cultural Revolution or economic trend, it's clear that certain decades have become synonymous with the experiences they bore witness to.

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TMP Government

B2G Branding And The Budget Crunch, Part Two:
Using Digital Communications to Express Value
When the Berlin Wall "fell" on November 8, 1989, the Internet had only a little more than a million users, mostly in government and academia. Sir Tim Berners-Lee had only recently written a proposal for what would become the World Wide Web. Consequently, the Cold War, which had witnessed the world divided into two irreconcilable camps for over 40 years, ended without digital fanfare. There were no YouTube or blogs to celebrate the freeing of Eastern Europe, no Facebook to welcome...

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Sandy Haeberle An Emerging
Healthcare Sector

By: Sandy Haeberle, RN, Vice President, Healthcare Practice

Healthcare has always had numerous sectors and specialties and most of those integrate well for a broad based continuum of care for the patient. In the past 10 years, a new specialty has emerged and it continues to grow, as more and more people understand it.

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Industry Update

Everything You Need To Know About Google+ (Including What the Heck It Is)

By: Jennifer Hatch,
Senior Project Manager

Google finally announced Google+, its next effort in social.

Basically, Google+ is an amalgamation of several services we already use.

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In the News

Lauren Fisher describes the value of a fan on social media.

Andrea Santiago tells us how to identify and reduce employee turnover.

National healthcare spending is expected to increase from 17.6% in 2010, to 19.8% in 2020 as the economic recovery spurs higher utilization and an estimated 30 million people receive health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, says a study in Health Affairs.

New physicians in New York's Rochester/Finger Lakes region will get help paying for their schooling under a new program to attract and keep primary-care doctors in the region.

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