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Ron Blum Ron Blum
Vice President
This month, Ron discusses budget planning to maximize your dollars for the economic turnaround.

It's budget planning season for many of our clients and I have sat in on several discussions over the last few weeks of how to best substantiate and present a business case in order to get maximum dollars for the economic turnaround. With so many organizations still focused on cost containment, they forget the basic tenet that an organization's human resources will support the economic turnaround on all levels and contribute to a company’s overall success when the market turns around.

As has happened with every recession, jobs do come back, sometimes very quickly and with a vengeance. It's imperative for your team to be prepared and at the forefront of the competition for labor as it heats up. As 2010 unfolds, people are cautious to both act and ultimately plan ahead. What we're seeing in private sector employment is indicative of the last two economic troughs we have experienced. If history repeats itself, 2011 could be a significant challenge in terms of recruiting, attracting/retaining talent and taking the time to prepare and request resources. That time is now.

I recently came across an article entitled "How To Get The Budget You Need" by Pat LaPointe which specifically spoke to media planners in the online media industry. The premise of the article certainly carries through to human resources in its simplicity.

When approaching the budgeting process there are several...

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Product Profile

Email Center

This smart technology puts the power of the Internet's most popular application - email - right at your fingertips. You can use Email Center to send job alerts, event invitations, company newsletters and other recruitment communications that your target audience needs to see. And with our easy-to-use interface, you'll be able to quickly and easily upload distribution lists, edit email templates, launch campaigns, and monitor results.

Email Center provides everything you need to set up and maintain a complete relationship marketing program in one simple-to-use package.

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The Future Is Mobile and the Future Is Now The Future Is Mobile and the Future Is Now

Have you ever left home without your mobile phone? If so, I bet most of you turned right back around, went home, and got your phone(s.) In just a few short years, we have become completely dependent upon our mobile phones whether for basic communications including voice or text messaging, or in the case of smart-phones, email and web browsing. Our love/hate relationship with the mobile device goes beyond these basic services and extends to entertainment (games and videos), location-based services (Yelp, FourSquare, Layar, etc.) and even extends to employment with mobile job search tools and related apps (iFedJobs, PocketResume, etc.).

According to CTIA - The Wireless Association, as of December 2009 there were more than 285,610,000 mobile device subscriptions in the United States...

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The Employee Engagement Panel Discussion at the Allegiance Engage Summit

I've recently learned that being invited to join a panel group to share in an open discussion regarding a topic near and dear to you (let alone the other panelists and the attending audience) is a pretty sweet thing. After all, you are being introduced to and joined by – great minds with a similar affinity to the topic at hand, the heat is on no one in particular, everyone gets to speak his/her mind, and you are actually encouraged to disagree (albeit politely) if you can justify your reasons for doing so. Seriously – what could possibly be the problem?

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Retention and Engagement

Debbie Eberenz Attraction: Is It Enough?

Debbie Eberenz
Retention & Engagement Solutions,
Project Manager

In both professional and personal worlds alike, one may discover that finding the right match can be challenging. As an employer, one may struggle with finding the best employee for the job and keeping that person on board, which is not unlike finding the right "significant other" - someone that looks good on paper, a real "keeper" as it were.

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TMP Government

Persistent Cookies for Government:
Making Sites Citizen Friendly

On Friday, June 25, the White House Office of Management and the Budget changed the rules for federal Internet sites. Memorandum m-10-22 "establishes new procedures and provides updated guidance and requirements for agency use of Web measurement and customization technologies." In issuing the new guidelines, OMB Director Peter Orzag wrote, "The central goal is to respect and safeguard the privacy of the American public while also increasing the federal government's ability to serve the public...

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Success Story

ESPN, Inc., is a leading multinational sports entertainment company featuring the broadest portfolio of multimedia sports assets with over 50 business entities. Although ESPN is well-known from the consumer perspective as a leader in sports entertainment, there were many misperceptions in the employment market about the organization as a place to work.

Those in industry-transferable positions, such as IT and HR (which comprise many of ESPN's open positions), did not view the company as a career choice and had been known to ask the question "Why would I work there?" ESPN's core jobs, such as content developers and digital media representatives, were difficult to fill as there are few sources available to tap into when recruiting for these positions.

ESPN is perceived as male-dominated, and the company struggled to draw the types of professionals that they wanted to hire, even though they received upwards of 15,000 resumes per month through their website. ESPN identified these challenges and understood they needed to change perceptions, articulate their employee value proposition and reposition themselves as a top employer to key talent.

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Industry Update:

Tech Blurb
Life in the High-Tech

Focusing this month's Technology update on the highly sought computer software engineers, and systems software engineers, the candidate outlook is good in terms of job security and opportunity for top performers. This translates to the competition among employers heating up. To help employers identify where to seek talent, the following includes the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on where this talent lives.

Top 5 states with the highest concentration of this audience include:
Massachusetts - 27,150
Virginia - 28,830
Colorado – 16,400
Washington – 17,900
Maryland – 13,510

Further supporting the rise of competition, the Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing Industry saw a large drop in May 2010, dropping to 7.2% unemployment rate from 10.4% in the previous month. Time will tell if this will hold, and if it does employers need to revisit messaging to this audience in order to sell their opportunity.

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This Month in Recruitment

Making Headlines in Employment, Social Media and Advertising:

Marisa Keegan urges companies to embrace social media in her blog post, “Social Media: The Ultimate Loss of Control".

Dr. John Sullivan discusses best practices of advanced employee referral programs.

HR Bartender reflects upon the evolving office environment and offers suggestions on managing your office door.

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