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Rob O’Keefe Rob O’Keefe
Vice President,
Brand Strategy
This month, Rob discusses best practice versus brand practice.

Recently, my esteemed colleague, Richard Mosley of PiB fame, and I were discussing the finer aspects of touch-point planning (which was infinitely more interesting than our last conversation: actuarial table sudoku). During the discussion, Richard brought forth the observation that most organizations, when implementing new processes, will invariably seek out best practices. And well they should. Understanding what other organizations have implemented and how effective those practices have enjoyed success is much more efficient than continuously starting from scratch.

But when looked at from the perspective of a brand, it may not be the best idea. Why, you ask? The very nature of a best practice is one that seeks emulation by other organizations, in essence becoming a commodity practice, the very antithesis of one of brand’s primary tenets: to provide differentiation, if not outright distinction.

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Product Profile

There’s Social Networking, and then, There’s Effective Social Networking that Gets Results

By now, you know the power of Facebook – you’ve seen branded pages and you more than likely have a personal account page to connect with friends and family. You know how quickly it spreads information, how powerful viral communication can be, and how many candidates—both passive and active—use social networking as a job-seeking tool.

But how do you, as an HR professional tap into the gold mine of talent within Facebook and leverage your employees’ networks without crossing boundaries?

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TMP Government’s Fourth Digital Breakfast in DC

TMP Government’s Fourth Digital Breakfast in DC
TMP Government held their fourth Digital Breakfast in Washington, DC on May 5th. The event was a success, bringing together Government agencies such as FDIC, IRS, BLM, EPA, HHS, NOAA, DOJ, DOE and FAA. Steven Ehrlich (Global VP, Client Development) delivered an exciting presentation discussing digital communication and its applications in 2010 campus recruiting. The presentation emphasized the need to communicate with target audiences in the same digital spaces they already use. Steve discussed campus recruiting and the evolving world of digital communications, including Web 2.0 and Social Influence Marketing. The event received positive feedback from our current TMP Government clients as well as from client prospects in attendance.

Graduate Communications

Steven Ehrlich The Art and Science of Storytelling – Building Meaningful Connections with Today’s Youth

Steven Ehrlich
Global Vice President, Client Development

I have spent the past eighteen years working in the campus space in one form or another and there has never been as big a shift in student behavior as I have noticed in the past three years when it comes to recruiting. This shift is being driven by several key factors including media fragmentation and the desire for audiences to have meaningful experiences; kicking off a resultant need for employers to actively and creatively engage their target audiences in their culture.

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TMP Government

How to Recruit Hispanic-Americans Now: TMP Journal Article Offers Practical Guidance

You’ve probably been in many meetings devoted to recruiting more Latinos for Federal agencies. It may even seem like a problem that will only be solved in a distant future. Not so, says a new journal article authored by two TMP executives. In fact, the article gives you seven suggestions you can act on right away.

In spite of the complexity of the 2,500-page law, the people factors are straightforward. Not since the advent of Medicare and Medicaid, which now cumulatively insure some 97 million Americans, has the federal government redrawn the delivery and payment landscape. Those reforms have necessitated a vast payment and delivery infrastructure, which is still evolving. Now bringing 32 million more Americans into the health care system and expanding coverage for millions will require a similar workforce transformation.

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Success Story
Edward Jones

Over the past five years, TMP Worldwide has partnered with Edward Jones, a leader in the financial services industry, to develop several websites, including the following:

TMP worked closely with our human resources partners and the Edward Jones marketing group in the development of these sites. Due to the quality of the work and quick turnaround times, TMP was able to earn the trust and respect of the online marketing team, and consequently, we were approached by that group with a web development project that didn’t involve recruiting.

Edward Jones needed to create a compelling website to which the consumer agency could direct prospects with 401(k)s who had been laid off and were in the process of getting a new job or deciding to retire.

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Industry Update:

Life in the High-Tech

High-tech and telecom positions are constantly evolving with rapid progressions of software and hardware and other modern technology. Those with an MBA typically work in management, business development, marketing or product development. This is clearly an industry for people who love this kind of competition and technological development. The rate of promotion is usually very high. Some common misconceptions in the industry are that the industry is currently high-hit and not hiring, or that you have to be an engineer to get a job.

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This Month in Recruitment

Making Headlines in Employment, Social Media and Advertising:

Chris Brogan tells us how to use LinkedIn effectively.

Mashable illustrates Twitter’s most influential users.

Fistful of Talent releases their list of top 25 Talent Management blogs.

John Zappe writes about the latest statistics regarding unemployment.

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